Kosice marathon
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Kosice marathon

Kosice peace marathon

Internation peace marathon is the oldest marathon run annually in Europe. It was founded in 1924. In the beginning, there were only 8 participants, but as years passed, the marathon gained popularity and soon became well known not only in surrounding countries, but in all Europe and eventually also overseas.

Nowadays the marathon is run, according to the tradition, on the first sunday in october. 
Everybody who wants to participate can choose from the following:
- Classical marathon - 42 km
- Halfmarathon
- Halfmarathon Kosice-Sena
- Wheelchairs - 20 km
- Handbikers - 20 km
- In-line skaters
- Corporate run

If you wish to get more information on the Kosice Marathon and/or wish to sign up for the race, please visit the official site www.kosicemarathon.com



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